07 февруари 2011

cooling at low outdoor temperature

Facility Setting Switch (RKS60F3V1B, RKS50G2V1B, RKS60F2V1B only)
cooling at low outdoor temperature

This function is limited only for facilities (the target of air conditioning is equipment (such as computer)). Never use it in
a residence or office (the space where there is a human).
1) You can expand the operation range to –15°C by turning on switch B (SW4) on the PCB. If the outdoor temperature falls
to –20°C or lower, the operation will stop. If the outdoor temperature rises, the operation will start again.
• If the outdoor unit is installed where the heat exchanger of the unit is exposed to direct wind, provide a windbreak wall.
• Intermittent noises may be produced by the indoor unit due to the outdoor fan turning on and off when using facility settings.
• Do not place humidifiers or other items which might raise the humidity in rooms where facility settings are being used.
A humidifier might cause dew jumping from the indoor unit outlet vent.
• Use the indoor unit at the highest level of airflow rate.

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